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New home for analyzeMFT, now with current binary, source repo, downloads, issue tracker, and wiki

With thanks to Cory Altheide, analyzeMFT has a new home at:

It is currently the only project there, but I will be adding a new project hopefully this week and others are encouraged to make this their home as well.

The site has all the bells and whistles required to support collaborative development of open source DFIR tools – a wiki, a Mercurial source code repository (and Mercurial really seems easier to grok than git), an issue tracker, and a download page for binaries and other packages.

As part of the move, I finally built a current binary using bb-freeze. (Hat tip to @bbaskin for the pointer to it.)

As mentioned elsewhere, I’m just starting on a new project to build a loose framework of dfir utilities and their supporting libraries in Python. The first release should go up on the site this week.

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