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Selling forensics consulting company and its assets

’tis time to move on. It is time to sell, or shut down, my consulting company and sell its assets.

I’ve been working for Ernst and Young for almost six months now and I cannot see any reason to believe that I’ll not be with them for many years to come. I’ve run NetCerto for ten years and, even when I was full time with other companies, I kept it around as a safety net, just in case. And it served me well in that regard during my move to the midwest and search for rewarding full time employment.

The company is for sale, and its assets are for sale either on their own or as part of the company.


NetCerto, Inc. (www.netcerto.com)

Ten year old California C corporation in good financial standing. The books and taxes have been managed professionally for its entire life, the credit rating is sound, and all paperwork is current.

The company has a valid California PI license. If someone buys the company, we’d need to enter into an agreement for me to continue as the Qualified Manager to keep the license in place.

I’ll sell the company and all assets for $10,000. The assets are $8,000.


Tableau TD1
WiebeTech UltraBlock with all adapters
Tableau T35-es RW (yellow)
Dell Precision M6600 – 16GB RAM, dual 500GB drives
~8 500GB+ wiped hard drives
Evidence collection kit (write blocker and laptop listed above)
Several small Pelican cases


IEF – current
X-Ways – current
EnCase – 6.19, not maintained
MSDN library – not current


Several drive docks
Lots of cables
Evidence bags

If you are willing to pick the assets up in Central Illinois, I will knock $500 off of the price and include the following:

Three Dell monitors
older Dell Precision 690 tower forensic workstation.
Flatbed scanner


The prices are somewhat negotiable. I’m not interested in piecing out the various assets.


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