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Forensic collection form for UAVs/drones.

Proper forensic analysis of anything starts with proper forensic collection of whatever it is that needs to be analyzed. UAVs are no different. As noted in an earlier post, there are a lot of components in a UAV system – radio controller, ground station, data/video link, and of course the aircraft itself.

We developed a UAS Acquisition Form to assist law enforcement and other interested parties in the collection process.

The form guides the evidence technician through the steps to collect:

  • The UAV
  • The ground control station
  • The radio controller
  • Any data/video link equipment
  • Any related mobile devices
  • Any related systems used for maintenance, data processing, or mission planning
  • Any related equipment such as batteries, cases, and SD cards
  • Any related cloud accounts associated with the UAV

It also reminds the technician to photograph the scene, tag the evidence, and photograph the evidence.

This process is not just for law enforcement and applies to anyone who might encounter a UAV that was used inappropriately.

Suggestions, comments, and feedback are quite welcome.

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